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If science has made you an atheist, then there are many other answers to fundamental questions about reality that it commits you to.
We think telling stories, including the ones history provides, enable us to understand human affairs. This turns out to be a once useful illusion that has outlived its usefulness,
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From The New York Times series, "The Stone."

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I've written a number of other articles on topical issues in Time Magazine,, The London Telegram, The Verge, 3 AM, 3:16 and other places. They're all easy to find by using a search engine.

There are some videos of talks I've given, on philosophy of biology, on theism v atheism, also easy to find on the web.


I've been a philosopher of science, especially biology and economics, for long enough to have written about a dozen academic monographs, and three text books.  Then I trespassed into the trade book arena with The Atheist's Guide to Reality, and something of a sequel, How History Gets Things Wrong; The Neuroscience of our Addiction to Stories. I hope my historical novels satisfy our need for stories.

You can find my philosophical books and my recent papers on that site.

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